Nepal's Top 10 Tourist Attraction Places

Nepal the most beutiful palace in the world bordered by China and India, could not be separated from the famous Himalayas. Nepal is rich in amazing tourist attractions. With eight of the ten highest peaks in the world is located there, the natural scenery of Nepal, is amazing.Nepal's climate in the course of the year is mainly determined by the monsoon, which results in very high levels of rainfall between June and September, while the remaining months are moderately dry.

Temple of a Thousand country. The nickname was not excessive given to Nepal. In the Valley of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, at least seven large complex Hindu or Buddhist temples thousands of years old. In every temple complex can be found tens or even hundreds of temples, big and small, built by a variety of different dynasties monarch ever ruled in Nepal. Seventh temple complex, are entirely protected heritage site of the United Nations (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites). Here are Nepal's Top 10 Tourist Attraction Places :

1. Kathmandu

Today Kathmandu has more of a large-city environment than either Bhaktapur or Patan and possesses a more developed urban infrastructure. Among its wealth of historic buildings it can boast the biggest of the ancient royal palaces as well as innumerable Rana palaces and important shrines. Despite the growth which has made a modern city of Kathmandu, the old center still retains something of a medieval air.

2. Gorkha

When the Shahs invaded it in the mid 16th c. from West Nepal, Gorkha was probably previously the seat of local rajas. The Shahs themselves are believed to have come originally from Rajasthan, having been driven out by Muslim conquerors. Although this has yet to be convincingly proved, there are undoubtedly striking similarities between the Rajasthan’s and the Gurkhas including their shared military prowess and religious fervor.

3. Janakpur

Janakpur is located in the south of the Tarai 22 km from the Indian border. The town is the heartland of the very old Maithili culture which gave birth to its own language and script. Janakpur is also a popular pilgrim center.

4. Bhaktapur

Unlike Kathmandu and Patan which are located close together, the third of the "Royal Cities", Bhaktapur dishonesty some 14 km away, "outside the holy hollow of the Valley" on the old trade route to Tibet. For Bhaktapur the trade route was both arterial link and major source of wealth. Its relative remoteness allowed the city to develop independently and in ways which distinguish it from the other two. With farmers - some of the best in the Valley - numbered heavily among its inhabitants, the city is self-supporting.

5. Langtang National Park Trek

The different zones of the Langtang National Park range from oak and pine woods through sub-Alpine juniper, larches and birch to Alpine bushes, scree slopes and snow. Animals establish here include pandas, muntjaks, musk, Himalayan bears, serows and monkeys.

6. Lumbini

Lumbini is extraordinary only for its calm, undisturbed by major celebrations and largely devoid of sights. Only a few relics from the excavation site remain to bear witness to the importance of the town and these have come within the framework of the Lumbini Development Project. Lumbini has been nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO list of world cultural sites.

7. Mount Everest

The highest summit on earth - Mount Everest, Sagarmatha or Chomolungma - is 8848m high. The route to the foot of Mount Everest became popular following the, now legendary, first ascent of the peak in 1953 by Edmund Hillary from New Zealandand the Sherpa Tensing Norgay. In 1978 Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler were the first to reach the mountain summit without artificial oxygen.

8. Patan

Patan's strict devotion to a grid pattern of streets is truly outstanding, any winding thoroughfares, survivals from older settlements, being few and far between. The districts are clearly laid out and spacious, the wide streets more meticulously paved than in the other royal cities. Of the two main axes defined by the stupas, that from north to south is the most important.

9. Pokhara

Pokhara consists of many unlike parts and lacks cohesion: airport, bazaar, Lakeside, Pardi, as well as the shopping centers of Mahendra Pul and Chipledhunga are far away from each other; also the long link road is not easy to reconnoiter on foot.

10. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a popular tourist spot in Nepal. Nagarkot is located 32 km east of Kathmandu at an altitude of 2175 masl. Panorama of the main peak in the eastern Nepal Himalaya, as well as Sagarmatha (Mount Everest), can be seen from Nagarkot. Himalayan peaks like Manaslu (8463 meters above sea level), Ganesh Himal (7111 masl), Langan (7246 masl), Choba Bhamre (6016 masl) and Gaurisankar (7134 masl), all clearly seen from Nagarkot.

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'24th Nepal Day' event organised by German Nepal Friendship Association

'Nepal Day' event organised in GermanyThe 24th Nepal Day event concluded in Cologne, Germany, on Sunday. The two day event, organised by the German Nepal Friendship Association (GNFA) had the main theme “Nepal Change: Change Nepal” this year.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Nepal’s ambassador to Germany, Suresh Prasad Pradhan, said Germany remains an important development partner of Nepal and German cooperation in Nepal’s development remains exemplary. He also lauded German people’s love and affection towards Nepal and expressed hope that these relations would further strengthen in the days to come.

Pradhan also held interaction with Nepali students studying in Germany later.

In a message, German ambassador to Nepal, Frank Meyke, said Nepal and Germany enjoy over more than half a century long close ties between the two countries and their people. This close and friendly relationship is particularly well reflected by the comprehensive and intensive programme of German-Nepal development cooperation with its focus on health, renewable energy and the promotion of trade and private sector development, he said. He also expressed hope that forthcoming elections to the Constituent Assembly in Nepal will lead the country towards peace and progress.

Addressing the conference, chairman of the German Nepal Friendship Association, Ram Pratap Thapa, said the Association was organising the event so as to promote Nepal in Germany and provide a platform to exchange views and explore new areas of cooperation. Thapa, who is also honorary consul of Nepal for Germany, said, “We work as a bridge between Nepal and Germany and are very encouraged by growing interests of Germans in Nepal.”

A number of scholars, professionals and entrepreneurs presented their papers and took part actively in the two-day event. Papers were presented by German and Nepali scholars on themes ranging from violence against women in Nepal, Nepali adolescent girls between tradition and modernity, microfinance in Nepal, Biodiversity and climate change challenges facing Nepal, How water rich Nepal could end load-shedding, role of Buddhism and Nepal’s spiritual heritage. Dr Karl-Heinz-Kramer, a well-known researcher and scholar, spoke on the Nepal’s democratic transformation.

Nepali arts and products were displayed during the conference while artistes performed Nepali song and dance. A Nepali film, ‘Sungava’ was also screened during the programme, which was attended by representatives of the Germany Foreign Ministry, local Councils, various Nepali and German organisations and friends of Nepal.
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